Daniel David Gurr

Sergeant USMC

Force Recon



Sgt. Daniel David D. Gurr was 21 years old when he was killed in action in the Sangin valley, Helmand province, Afghanistan, on August 5th 2011. He was in The 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force.


Daniel is the son of David Gurr and Tracy Beede. He was born on March 17th 1990.

He loved to play soccer and the outdoors. He liked to camp, hunt, fish, snowboard, ride 4 wheelers and shoot his bow and guns. In high school he was on student council and he was on the all-state soccer defense team. He liked to hang out with friends and cousins (pals) doing crazy stuff. He also liked to hang out with his fiancée Stephanie. He had many nicknames everyone seemed to call him something different. Vato, crazy white guy, uncle monkey, Dan”O”, Boone, wendy.

A week after High school Graduation he went to boot camp from which he graduated in September of 2008. He attended Basic Reconnaissance course March of 2009, and upon graduation he was assigned to the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion in Okinawa, Japan. There he got even more nicknames: Smeagle and Danny.

Daniel has a step mom (Dana Gurr), 2 sisters (Caitlyn and Ashley), 1 brother (Austin), 1 step sister (Tonya), and 4 step brothers, (Dustin, Devin, Trevor and Austin). His step father passed away in December of 2009 (Ken Beede). He also considered all of the marines his brothers.



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